Albert Benaroya

    Albert Benaroya

    Albert Benaroya

    Born in Istanbul, Is an Israeli Artist of Judaic and Still life nature, A master of depiction in hyper - realism.

    His nomadic, sourgerning from Turkey to Kenya, South Africa and finally residing in the Holy Land of Israel has instilled a deeply raw, ethnic beauty that has impacted greatly on the warmth and depth of his paintings.

    His father, has immensely influenced on his manifesto of mental state, That's translated on to his Canvases, his whole thought process is deeply rooted in Ancient, historical, Biblical references.

    Benaroya to many is one who is making a spiritual, Cultural statement - the conceptual realization of the sanctification of seemingly mundane, trivial objects, that we so often associate with meaningless affairs, yet Albert has negated this notion by intuitively imbuing his signature aura of G-dliness, radiating upon these objects such as fruit or tables, rendering them designated for ritual practice.

    Light is the core aspect of his works - his mission which is fundamental, a central theme in Judaism elevating the physical for a spiritual purpose. This captures the intrinsic magic of Benaroya.

    His paintings Evoke feelings of Traditional, family orientated, holy symbolisms, that inject an almost tangible feeling of a religious ambiance, that pierces through the air ejecting a truly G-dly glow that makes his viewers soul gleam.

    This subtle yet strategic attribute of embedding holiness in to his pieces is a blessing that has been cultivated through his Middle eastern,African and Asian cultures synthesized with European techniques that add a dimension of refinement and elegance that is a harmonious amalgamation.

    Benaroya has a moral obligation to portray his pieces to impact his viewers on a level of soulful consciousness - Art is his Medium!

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